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TurkishFood.com.au reserves the right to make changes to its site, policies and these terms and conditions. If any part of these terms and conditions is for any reason unenforceable then the same is agreed to be severed and all remaining terms and conditions shall remain enforceable. All changes are notified by auto e-mail and customers are obliged to access e-mail regularly and always before placing orders.
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Some personal information must be given to process your order. By placing an order on this site you will have certified the information given as your own and is to the best of your knowledge accurate. TurkishFood.com.au undertakes to safeguard your personal information and further undertakes not to disclose it to any third party without your written consent. In order to best protect you, we verify credit card billing and shipping addresses. Should you require that your order be shipped to an address other than your card's billing address, the shipping address must be on file with your credit card provider.
TurkishFood.com.au reserves in its sole discretion the right to remove or edit content from this site, refuse to supply, or to cancel orders. 
In registering with TurkishFood.com.au or placing an order, you automatically consent to receiving emails from us regarding the same. Further you are thereby consenting to the receipt of our commercial e-mails. At any time you wish to remove your name from our e-mail list and alter your personal information you can do so by updating your account information with us. Once you have communicated with us by e-mail you have agreed that we may communicate with you by e-mail and this shall satisfy any requirement that communications be written.
TurkishFood.com.au grants you a limited licence to access and make personal use of its site but not to download apart from page caching or to modify it in any way except where TurkishFood.com.au grants an express written consent. No other use whatsoever of this site is permitted.
TurkishFood.com.au provides services and information to persons using this site. Some of these services and information are provided by third parties through arrangements with TurkishFood.com.au. TurkishFood.com.au assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy of the id information or reliability and quality of the said services except to the extent that it expressly agrees to be responsible. You are cautioned to read carefully and to understand any terms and conditions that apply to the said services and information.
All items purchased from TurkishFood.com.au are shipped pursuant to shipment contracts meaning that the risk of loss and the title (ownership) for all items passes to the purchaser upon delivery of the item to the carrier. Any claims for loss or damage must be made solely with the delivery carrier and you must advise TurkishFood.com.au of your claim for its records.
Once placed and accepted your order will be processed. The warehouses generally will ship your order within one to two business days. Special processing, e.g. shipping address other than credit card address or an especially large order may slightly delay the period between the order and the shipping of it. In the event of a significant delay TurkishFood.com.au will usually upgrade your shipping at no extra charge. There is no guarantee respecting the shipping time of an order unless expressly agreed and in the event of a delay, TurkishFood.com.au do not accept responsibility or liability for any indirect or consequential damages.
TurkishFood.com.au as much as possible endeavors to ensure the accuracy of all item descriptions and other information on its site. It does not warrant that these are totally accurate, complete, reliable, or error free. If a product offered by TurkishFood.com.au is not as described, your sole remedy is to return it unused and in good condition. ERRORS
Because price changes in ethnic and imported food industry in other countries change constantly TurkishFood.com.au monitor this and make every effort to list our prices as current. However it can occur that a product is listed at the wrong price and TurkishFood.com.au accordingly reserves the right to refuse or to cancel any order placed for product listed at the incorrect price. If your credit card has already been charged before this discovery TurkishFood.com.au undertakes to refund as a credit to your card the full amount and to cancel your order and to so advise you whereupon you may place the same order at the correct price.
Immediately upon discovering missing or damaged items you are obliged to report to us within three days at our customer service number 02 9890 7864 or by info@turkishfood.com.au
TurkishFood.com.au cannot ship perishable items internationally, nor should it ship prohibited imports. If you choose to place an order internationally, you do so at your own risk and accordingly when placing such orders there will be no refunds should customs of your country confiscate or refuse entry. All costs must be agreed and paid for before shipment, including carriage. Title to goods and responsibility there for become that of the purchaser immediately the goods are with the carrier. There is no further responsibility on TurkishFood.com.au thereafter save as to warrantees hereinbefore referred to.

Portal:PortalName do not refund, however we will exchange the product for another, however if the item price is greater you must bare the differance in cost.

In order to return product, you must within three days of receipt advise TurkishFood.com.au by e-mail. There are no returns allowed on books, music recording and videos, or DVDs and CDs. Returns are only allowed if these are damaged and these can only be exchanged with the same item. This applies to all hard-wares. The return address is PO Box 294 Oatlands, NSW, 2177, Australia 

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